Leading with Love and Integrity: How to Get What You Want without Compromising Who You Are

A comprehensive online course for values-driven leaders who want results
  • Are you an unlikely leader? Do you challenge the prevailing ideas that most people have about what a leader should look and act like?
  • Are you sick of being used and abused by other leaders who are insincere, egocentric, greedy, and arrogant?
  • Do you want to make integrity your number one priority, and get amazing results at the same time?
  • Do you wish there was an easier and more effective way to promote inclusion, honesty, empathy, accountability, and progress?

I know what it's like to feel like the odds are stacked again you because you have a strong conscience and choose to lead from your heart. I feel your pain.

I became a leader because I wanted to make a difference — a meaningful contribution with a huge impact — but I got tripped up because of how society defines leadership and expects leaders to be. That just doesn't represent me. As a result, I felt like a fraud and like I didn’t fit in. And when I tried to fit in, I felt ashamed for hiding my true self. 

It was a vicious cycle with no end in sight. I finally realized that compromise wasn’t getting me the results that I wanted and more importantly the impact that my community deserved.

Everything I was ever taught about leadership set me up for failure. 

Today, I’m educating and mobilizing women around the world who are committed to leading with purpose, values, love, and integrity. I’m discovering and recreating my purpose so that I can realize my lifelong dream of making a real, meaningful, sustainable difference.

In this class, I’m sharing everything I wish someone would have told me when I began my career 20 years ago - everything that I had to learn the hard way. You’re busy and have important work to do, so I’ve broken down a lifetime of leadership lessons into simple, easy steps so you can quickly implement everything you learn to get results.

Women’s leadership is needed more than ever these days. We need to work together to scale our impact. Our time is now!

Your Coach for Success

Hi! My name is Jessica R. Dreistadt and I will be your facilitator, instructor, coach, and cheerleader as you work through Leading with Love and Integrity: How to Get What You Want without Compromising Who You Are. I have more than 15 years of leadership experience, serve as the founding director of The Fruition Coalition, organize the Women's Creative Leadership Network, am a Ph.D. candidate in organizational leadership, and have written 11 books about leadership and social change. I've taught at a local university for 10 years and have also facilitated online and community-based training since 2001. I'm committed to inspiring and supporting women as they explore, pursue, and achieve their goals. You'll be in good hands!

Here's What You Get

Your course is loaded with exceptional resources to help you succeed.


You will have lifetime access to 24 videos that cover everything you need to know to lead with more love and integrity. Videos range from 10 to 20 minutes long and can be completed at your own pace.


You will a receive copy of every presentation slide deck. In addition, you'll get dozens of worksheets and other handouts to supplement and enhance your learning.

One-on-One Support

As a student in this class, you receive lifetime access to the Leading with Love Clubhouse where you can ask questions and get support from the course facilitator and other students.

Start Leading with Love and Integrity Today!

This class will provide you with all of the information, tools, and support you need to be a more effective leader, and one who embodies love and integrity at all times.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 1 is your content-rich orientation to the course. 

Lesson 1: Welcome

Lesson 2: Love and Leadership

Lesson 3: Integrity and Leadership

Lesson 4: Feminine Approaches to Leadership

Module 2: Your Signature Style

Module 2 is all about you! You will dive deep to discover your most meaningful gifts and desires.

Lesson 5: Discovering Your Calling

Lesson 6: Busting Barriers

Lesson 7: Engaging with Your Values

Lesson 8: Envisioning Your Dreams

Lesson 9: Creating Your Leadership Goals

Module 3: Relationships

In Module 3, you'll learn how to strengthen your relationships to drive results.

Lesson 10: Supervising

Lesson 11: Partering and Collaborating

Lesson 12: Communicating

Lesson 13: Influencing Others

Lesson 14: Setting Boundaries

Module 4: Organizations

Module 4 is all about building healthy, resilient organizations.

Lesson 15: Learning

Lesson 16: Making Decisions

Lesson 17: Creating Policies and Procedures

Lesson 18: Organizing Meetings

Lesson 19: Organizational Design

Module 5: Implementation

The last module will help you take everything that you learned throughout the course and put it into practice.

Lesson 20: Managing Time

Lesson 21: Planning

Lesson 22: Caring for Yourself

Lesson 23: Building a Support Network

Lesson 24: Your Blueprint for Success

What You'll Learn

After completing Leading with Love and Integrity: How to Get What You Want without Compromising Who You Are, you'll be equipped with wisdom and resources to strengthen your leadership and improve the results of your efforts. After completing all of the lessons in this class, you will be able to:

  • Identify the number one myth that prevents love from influencing the practice of leadership

  • Describe the three key differences between “being nice” and leading with love

  • Identify three ways to be vulnerable and vigilant at the same time

  • Identity seven warning signs that you are leading without integrity
  • Identify the five distinguishing characteristics of feminine leadership
  • Describe the three-step process to identify and overcome barriers to leading with love and integrity
  • Identify five gifts that distinguish you as a leader
  • Explain the five-step process to mobilize your vision
  • Identify three ways to help others create goals
  • Describe the five signs of healthy leadership relationships
  • Identify three helping, and three hindering, coaching strategies
  • Describe the three-step process to create deep, meaningful engagement
  • Identify the five key components of successful partnerships
  • Explain the six key ways to communicate with love and integrity
  • Describe eight ways to persuade with love and integrity
  • Explain five strategies to tap into the creative energy of conflict
  • Identify the ten warning signs of unhealthy boundaries in leadership
  • Describe the three-step process to fail with finesse
  • Identify five kinds of compromise and how to avoid them
  • Name eight concepts that can promote love and integrity through policies and procedures
  • Describe four meeting facilitation skills that promote love and integrity
  • Describe three ways to make the most of your limited time
  • Describe the five-step process for long-range planning that promotes love and integrity
  • Describe five coping strategies to deal with stress
  • Identify the eight steps to building a flourishing support network
  • ...and much, much more!!

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Self-Discovery Guide

You will receive a beautiful .pdf workbook to help you identify and articulate your values and ideals. This guide will also help you improve your habits and relationships.


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You'll receive a full-color document that pairs inspirational quotes from the course with beautiful photographs. You can use this resource to keep you focused and centered. 


Limitless Loving Leadership

This book, written by course facilitator Jessica R. Dreistadt, includes 28 essays that reveal lessons about humility, authenticity, appreciation, flexibility, intention, trust, and wisdom.


Incandescent Leadership

This workbook will provide you with structured self-discovery activities to identify and build upon your distinctive radiance and brilliance. 

Start Improving Your Leadership Results Today

Leading with Love and Integrity: How to Get What You Want without Compromising Who You Are includes all of the information, resources, and support you need to start improving your leadership, and getting better results, right now.

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I am so confident that you are going to love Leading with Love and Integrity: How to Get What You Want without Compromising Who You Area that I'm giving you 15 days, risk-free! That’s right, you can participate in my course for 15 days and if doesn’t meet your expectations, simply email me for a refund.

Jessica R. Dreistadt

Founding Director, The Fruition Coalition

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