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Here's How it Works

For the next 12 days, you'll receive one email per day. The emails will introduce you to a new way to approach networking – with purpose and grace – and provide you with 10 unique tips to help you become a more effective and impactful networker. There is no cost to receive this free email training! You'll also receive inspirational updates from the Women's Creative Leadership Network, an international group of passionate women committed to creating positive change in their organizations and communities.

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Meet Your Facilitator

Hi! I'm Jessica R. Dreistadt, facilitator of the Women's Creative Leadership Network and The Luminary Circle, founding director of The Fruition Coalition, the author of 11 books, and a Ph.D. candidate in organizational leadership. I have more than 15 years of community leadership experience and have taught in communities, at universities, and online for nearly 20 years. I'm dedicated to supporting and nurturing other female leaders so that we can realize all of our goals and dreams!

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