A global movement of creative women leaders who illuminate insight, optimism, and integrity as they change the world


As a member of The Luminary Circle, you get opportunities to grow as a leader:

Luminary U

You'll get access to a variety of on demand courses to expand your leadership knowledge and skills. One new course is added every month! Get started with The Five Pillars of Creativity, Becoming an Authority – The Creative Way, Creative Self-Care, Crafting Your Professional Image, Set Goals that Get Results, and Communicate with Confidence, Clarity, and Courage.

Leading Ladies Lounge

Connect with other creative women leaders in this welcoming, virtual space to develop new friendships and expand your professional network. You'll be able to easily find other members who live near you and share your interests. Get feedback on your ideas, suggestions when you're stuck or unclear, support when you're feeling frustrated, and encouragement as you achieve your goals.

Promotion Opportunities

Share opportunities with our members with a free advertorial in our email newsletter, which is sent to more than 1,400 female leaders! You can also share opportunities in the Leading Ladies Lounge.

Skills Assessment

Identify your leadership strengths and create a focused professional development plan to get focused on achieving your goals.

Leadership Library

You'll get access to an online Leadership Library with books, worksheets, checklists, and more!

Live Events

As a member of the Luminary Circle, you'll receive a 25% discount on registration fees for all live education and networking opportunities organized by the Women's Creative Leadership Network.

In-Depth Courses

As a Luminary Circle member, you'll get free lifetime access to Leading with Love and Integrity – a $497 value – and 50% off all other Fruition Academy courses.

Monthly TLC Chat

Get the support and direction you need during a monthly live chat with our network facilitator, Jessica R. Dreistadt, and other members. Ask questions, get advice and resources, and share your updates with other members.

Earn Money as an Ambassador

When you recruit your friends, family, and colleagues to the Luminary Circle, you get rewarded! Earn a 20% commission on all memberships referred by you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Women's Creative Leadership Network was created in 2017 to connect women leaders across the globe who extraordinary passion for creating thriving, resilient communities and organizations. We have nearly 4,000 members in 99 countries.

The Luminary Circle is designed for women leaders who:

  • are optimistic, caring, compassionate, generous, and gracious
  • are self-motivated and take initiative
  • work collaboratively as a community builder and connector
  • want to bring out the best in others
  • are busy but can make the time for professional development
  • enjoy being challenged and learning new things
  • want to make a meaningful, significant contribution whenever possible
  • are self-reflective but not afraid to take action

If this sounds like you, then it's a good fit!

Our network is designed for female leaders at all stages of their career who are committed to learning, leading with integrity, and supporting other women. You will benefit from the education and networking opportunities regardless of your experience.

We hear you! This group is definitely for you if you've ever been part of a networking group where everyone was out for themselves – and hated it.

We're different. In the Luminary Circle, you'll have the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop meaningful, supportive connections with other members.

After your first week, you'll get access to two on demand foundation courses:

  • The Five Pillars of Creative Leadership
  • Becoming an Authority – The Creative Way

Then, you'll get two new foundation classes per month for the next two months:

  • Creative Self-Care for Leading Ladies
  • Crafting Your Professional Image
  • Set Goals that Get Results
  • Communicate with Confidence, Clarity, and Courage

After that, you'll get access to a library of on demand supplemental courses. One new course is added to the library each month.

As soon as you join, you'll get access to Leading with Love and Integrity: How to Get What You Want without Compromising Who You Are – a $497 value!

Each course is under 30 minutes and includes a video presentation and handout. You'll get insights to expand your ideas and approach to leadership as well as specific actions that you can take to implement what you have learned.

If you're not ready to commit to being a member of the Luminary Circle, sign up for a monthly membership. Give yourself time to check out all of the resources available to you. If you decide that the Luminary Circle is not for you, that's totally fine! Just cancel your membership and you will not be billed again. Refunds will not be given.

The Luminary Circle is part of The Women’s Creative Leadership Network. The Network was started in 2017 by Jessica R. Dreistadt, founding director of The Fruition Coalition, to connect, educate, and mobilize women around the world who have an extraordinary passion for creating thriving, resilient communities and organizations through optimism, love, justice, community, curiosity, wisdom, creativity, liberation, integrity, and sincerity.

What to Expect

First Week

Your first week is an orientation to the Luminary Circle. During this week, you'll learn how all of the Luminary Circle features work. You'll set up your profile in the Leading Ladies Lounge and introduce yourself to other members.

First Month

After your orientation week, you'll get access to six foundation courses – two per month – to develop your leadership skills. You'll start developing connections with other members and participate in your first group coaching calls.

Future Months

After completing your foundation courses, you'll get access to a library of supplemental leadership classes. One new class is added each month. You'll expand your network and strengthen your leadership skills.

Meet Your Facilitator

Hi! I'm Jessica R. Dreistadt, facilitator of the Women's Creative Leadership Network and The Luminary Circle, founding director of The Fruition Coalition, the author of 11 books, and a Ph.D. candidate in organizational leadership. I have more than 15 years of community leadership experience and have taught in communities, at universities, and online for nearly 20 years. I'm dedicated to supporting and nurturing other female leaders so that we can realize all of our goals and dreams!

"The Women's Creative Leadership Network has broadened my outlook. Through the Network, I get access to interesting information and connect with women across the globe."

Pam R.
Executive Director, USA

"The Women’s Creative Leadership Network has given me the opportunity to connect and interact with women around the globe."

Sarah S.
CEO, Pakistan

"I am truly thankful to have met Jessica. Her relentless effort to update us on leadership and management issues been fruitful, inspiring, uplifting, passionate, and purposeful. She inspires and defines a lot of day-to-day experiences that we come across."

Esther G.
Secondary School Administrator, Uganda

"I’ve learned about effective ways to handle conflict and have also felt empowered and inspired."

Laura A.
Insurance Case Manager, USA

"The Women’s Creative Leadership Network has provided opportunities for me to network and to make new friends in and out of Liberia."

Joanna B.
Executive Director, Liberia

"Jessica has created space for local and international women leaders, enabling us to share our experiences and learn from one another. She has been instrumental in being creative and innovative for women."

Justine L.
NGO Director, Kenya

"I took a one-day workshop with Jessica about how to start a non-profit. It was so comprehensive and helpful. I went home and started a non-profit 12 years ago that still exists today! I occasionally refer to what she taught so many years ago as we expand and grow."

Beverly P.
Executive Director, USA

""Transitioning back into the professional marketplace after raising my kids proved more difficult than I thought it would be. Through the Network, Jessica helped me develop the skills and forge the connections I needed to get back into the game–and thrive.""

Julie E.
Writer and Teacher

"The Network has empowered me to be strong and to be focused in my work. Being part of this team of great women has given me confidence to be and do what I want with my life."

Gion A.
Government Secretary, Papua New Guinea

"The Women’s Creative Leadership Network has helped me develop my entrepreneurship skills."

Ngbewila A.
Managing Director, Uganda

"Because of the network, I have confidence and am empowered to fully support my family and friends. It has helped me to build my career as I learn."

Nayor T.
Community Development Officer, Germany

"With support from the Network, I have been able to perform all of my duties with confidence. I’m knowledgeable in a variety of issues influencing women’s leadership."

Dr. Mary K.
Lecturer, Kenya

"The Women's Creative Leadership Network has given me and other women courage for life's journey."

Ruth J.
Nurse, Liberia

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Try out the Luminary Circle to see if it's right for you!


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Save $99 by paying once a year


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